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IOT and ROBOTICS Deep Software EdTech Others
Toy robots that make learning to code fun.
Democratizing hardware production.
Robots for commercial kitchens.
Asteroid mining.
Smart waste management solutions.
Sleep reinvented through technology
Farming robotics.
Robotic solutions for logistics.
Computer vision for machines of all types.
The future of movement through powered clothing.
Optical universal RISC Systems.
Redefined classroom experience with advanced video technologies.
Smart kitchen OS.
Educational toy drones.
Autonomous delivery robots.
At the intersection of fashion and wearable technologies.
Robotic sprinkler devices.
Door smart locks. [Acquired by Chamberlain.]
Smart energy data collection and insights. [Acquired by Earth Networks]
The future of 3D depth capture in computer vision. [Acquired by MantisVision]
Smart gardening devices.
Deep learning-as-a-service.
Machine learning for smart factories.
Mobile optimized website in minutes.
A powerful cross-platform collaboration tool.
Data science-as-a-service.
Machine learning-as-a-service.
Open source PaaS, based on container technologies.
Remote teams' communication and collaboration tools.
SaaS control panel for hosting service management
Toy robots that make learning to code fun.
Smart, flexible master schedule for schools.
Redefined classroom experience with advanced video technologies.
All-in-one money management platform for K-12 and higher education institutions.
Real-time writing instructions powered by machine learning. [Acquired by Chegg]
On-demand substitute teachers.
Essential start-up skills in just one month.
Basic programming skills for kids in a fun game format.
Cloud-based smart web filtering for schools, with emotional intelligence.
Empowering early childhood education and engaging parents for learning support.
High-school/college students Q&A community. [Acquired by Admittedly]
Twitter 2.0.
Mobile search, reinvented. [Acquired by Snapchat]
VR publishing tools and platforms.
Online recruiting tools. [Acquired by Yahoo!]
Arcade style fun mobile games.
Investment Team